Keeping Equipment And Services For Efficient Conference Communications


Multi-conference room meetings, video teleconferences, and audio-only conferences are becoming increasingly dependent on stable internet connections and a good rapport with customer service. Paying the internet bill might seem like enough, but to make sure that problems with connectivity are smoothed out in order to make the rest of the setup easier, you need both technical prowess with hardware and the right skills on the phone. Here are a few teleconferencing system setup, troubleshooting, and customer service breakthrough techniques to keep your conferences running smoothly:

9 July 2017

Three Steps To Preparing Your Child For An Internal Scope In A Way They Can Understand


There are some circumstances where an X-ray will not suffice and a doctor will have to perform something a little more invasive in order to get a good look at certain bodily functions and systems. In some cases, this may mean that your child will have to have a fiberscope inserted into them for the doctor to check on any issues. Although this is a routine procedure, knowing that a doctor will have to perform something invasive may have your child nervous.

23 July 2016

How To Choose The Right Hearing Aid


Hearing aids can be a wonderful tool for those suffering from hearing loss, but the complexity of the device and the age of the industry unfortunately means that a bevvy of often confusing options are available to the average patient. While all hearing aids use largely the same technology, their specific layouts and functions vary from design to design. Completely in the Canal (CIC) or Miniature CIC These devices function by being placed directly into the ear canal, and are custom molded.

5 March 2015